Recertification expertise for BSL-3 and ABSL-3 facility types

Biocontainment Consulting Services

Moses Engineering offers numerous Biocontainment consulting and recertification services for BSL-3 and ABSL-3 facility types. An effective method to maintain a facility’s compliance is to perform laboratory recertifications. During the process, we completely test the infrastructure and engineering controls in order to confirm that the laboratory remains in compliance with CSC/NIH/USDA/WHO guidelines and regulations. Containment lab recertification upholds quality assurance at your facility and sustains a safe environment. We have adopted the new ANS//ASSE Z9.14 Standard which establishes the new standard for performance verification of BSL-s/ABSL-3 facilities.

We have been designing, commissioning and recertifying Biosafety Level # (BDL-3) facilities for more than 10 years. Our experience allows us to recognize multifaceted problems and launch cost-effective solutions. We completely understand the unique requirements associated with biocontainment laboratories and are able to propose the correct solutions to discovered problems. Rest assured, whether the solution is simple or complex, if we suggest it, we can do it.

Our testing practice and procedures follow the BMBL 5th Edition and NIH testing guidelines, the standards by which most all of the oversight agencies reference. Moses Engineering can help with agency testing compliance, improvements to system reliability, efficiency improvements and improvements to the safety of these critical spaces. With more than 10 years of experience designing and commissioning Biosafety Level 2 & 3 facilities, Moses Engineering brings the knowledge to ensure the safest facility possible. Whether you are designing a new facility, renovating an existing space or re-certifying an existing space, we can help.

We bring the expertise needed to test all aspects of the mechanical, electrical, and control system that are critical to space containment management. All aspects of the system are tested with an emphasis on failure scenarios common to these types of systems.

We supply all of the necessary certified test equipment and can complete most tasks with our staff. However, should a case arise and when necessary, we will utilize specialist in the area of lab planning and biological containment protocols in order to supplement our capabilities. In these cases, we are the lead consultants. This provides a single point of contact, consistency in reporting and the most cost effective approach. We bring both the engineering knowledge and the hands on “in the trenches” experience needed to make these types of facilities function as safely and efficiently as possible.

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