Owner: University of South Florida
Project Size: 71,700 SF
Project Cost: $15,000,000
MEP Cost: $3,800,000
Completion: 2010
Delivery Method: Design-Build

General Project Description

The Patel Center for Global Solutions project provides a unique opportunity for the University of South Florida to connect with the community on a local and global scale. The building was designed to anchor the major axis through campus and be clearly visible from Fowler Avenue, the south boundary of the USF campus and a major Tampa thoroughfare. The project seeks to promote research in the fields of water and energy conservation and uses the building as an icon to symbolize this goal.

A major design element was the desire to have formal and informal interaction spaces to encourage and promote interdisciplinary discussion. The lobby was designed for rotating exhibits to be used with the auditorium during conferences.

Moses & Associates (M&A) designed all mechanical, electrical, lighting, plumbing, fire protection, IT and audio visual systems for this four story building. Sustainable design features include: heat wheels for total energy recovery from exhaust air streams, lighting controls, low flow/no flow plumbing fixtures, high efficiency gas-fired condensing boilers, and a cistern to collect rainwater and condensate for use in toilet flushing and irrigation.

LEED Certified Gold