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University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Additional Details

Project Size 9,000 SF
Project Cost $2,600,000
MEP Cost $625,000
Delivery Method Construction Management
Completion 2012

UF Chemical Engineering Bldg Addition

The project is a new, two (2) story, 9,490 GSF building. It is located to the south of the existing Chemical Engineering building and connected by a bridge at the second story. The Users include Chemical Engineering Students and Administration. The first floor of the building is primarily Lobby/ Gathering/ Student Study space on the east side, with Toilets, Building Services, Stair and Elevator on the west side. There are a series of Breakout Study Pods that step up from the first floor to the second floor. The second floor is Administrative Fiscal Offices, Advising Offices, Shared Conference Room, Toilets and Break Area.

Moses Engineering designed all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems, including IT and audio-visual. Due to tight budget constraints, Moses Engineering analyzed electric heat vs. UF standard heating hot water in the LCCA. The electric heat was shown to have the lowest LCCA while still meeting all LEED goals. This single design decision brought the project within budget.

All building exhaust was ducted to a dedicated energy recovery using galvanized steel ductwork. A heat wheel was installed to recover both sensible and latent heat and was used to precondition the outdoor air used for ventilation. The lighting included primarily T-5, 32 watt energy saver fixtures.

Moses Engineering was also responsible for site utilities including a chilled water connection to the UF district energy loop, power and telecommunications. The chilled water and telecommunications required relocation to accommodate new site plan. The new addition power was connected to the existing building’s service for additional cost savings.

LEED Project Pursuing Gold

LEED 2016 PLATINUM    FB f Logo blue 57   AHCA Florida

FCGB Certified Commision BICSI