University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Additional Details

Project Size 22,500 GSF
Project Cost $6,540,800
Delivery Method Design-Build
Completion January 2010

UF High Density Storage Aux Library Facility

This project constructs a new 30,000 SF high bay HDF addition to an existing 42,000 SF renovation for ALF. The high density storage facility (HDF) will archive books and periodicals for a consortium of Universities in the State of Florida. The initial 30,000 SF will house 5.2 million volumes with a future buildout to 20.8 million volumes. The storage shelving is 35’ high and the room conditions are 50°F/35% RH, requiring desiccant AHUs, particulate and gas filtration per NARA 1571.

Because of the high first cost of equipment, and the high operating costs, Moses Engineering undertook an exhaustive life cycle cost analysis (LCCA). Seven schemes were analyzed, including water cooled chillers (36°F), Standard DX, premium DX, ice storage, standard air cooled chillers, modular air cooled chillers, and evaporatively cooled chillers. Additional energy modeling was performed to test the impact of reducing air flows well below ASHRAE recommendations and the impact of relaxing space conditions to 60°F/40% RH.

Moses Engineering is responsible for all MEPF design work including HVAC equipment redundancy, emergency power, ESFR fire sprinklers for storage areas, decoupled desiccant AHUs with gas fired furnaces for regeneration, as well as all telecommunications and audio-visual systems.

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