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University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida

Additional Details

Project Size 50,000 SF
Project Cost $1,300,000
Delivery Method Design-Build
Completion 2011

UCF Computer Science Building 

Moses Engineering served as lead design consultant and the lead commissioning authority under the design / build team with Charles Perry Partners Inc. The Phase 1 and 2 project of this three-story, 50,000 SF computer science building, housing the main campus data center, included replacement of the existing data center A/C units and the existing air cooled chiller systems (used as backup for the campus chilled water system). The renovation logistics were challenging in that little to no down time could be tolerated during the installation and subsequent testing phases. The data center computer room A/C units were phased in and commissioned two units at a time to ensure continued cooling of the data center equipment. A temporary chiller was installed outside the building to provide backup chilled water during planned and unplanned shutdowns to ensure there were always two sources of cooling available.

Moses Engineering provided all design and commissioning services with a special emphasis on emergency backup and redundant system operation. Due to the critical nature of the facility and the need to maintain continued operations, all testing was planned closely with the user groups. To ensure reliable operation under all modes of operation, Moses Engineering conducted extensive testing during simulated normal power modes, simulated emergency standby modes and during the transition between each of these power modes.

Additional emphasis was placed on the testing of redundant and backup system elements. All pumping and associated chiller systems were designed with full redundancy and had to be tested under all conceivable scenarios to ensure consistent and reliable operation in the future.

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