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Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida

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Project Size 115,000 SF
Project Cost $1,400,000
Completion 2010

FSU Fine Arts Building Renovation

This project is a mechanical and controls renovation of the existing facility. Constructed in 1969, the Fine Arts Building is a four story liberal arts building that houses the Main Stage Theater, FSU Museum of Fine Arts, Theater of Dance Studio, computer laboratories, photo laboratories, design studios, dance theater, visual arts lab spaces, multi-use lab spaces, main lobby entry, offices, sculpture lab, scene shop, costume shop, etching lab, graphics lab, teacher and administrative office spaces and classroom spaces. The Fine Arts Building has a complicated footprint of a 115,000 sq.ft. Wall projections, curves and stair towers make for particularly challenging design solution.

The goals of the project were:

Correct the building temperature and humidity control problems.

Modernize the building automation system by replacing the existing pneumatics with DDC controls.

Provide energy savings to the extent possible.

Replace unserviceable HVAC equipment.

Provide all work within the available $1.5 million budget.

Project was completed in two phases. Phase I replaced AHU No. 1 which serves the Art Gallery and retrofitted 100 existing dual duct mixing boxes with true variable air volume (VAV) controls, dampers and DDC actuators. Total cost of construction was $470,000.

Phase II renovations made corrections to the remaining six air handling unit systems (AHUs 2-7). This renovation completes the DDC controls retrofit of all AHUs, provides outdoor air controls in order to utilize the true VAV system for energy savings, corrects many code related deficiencies and replaces the two theater and lobby AHUs with a combined VAV unit.

The system will utilize CO2 monitoring and outdoor air control to provide energy savings when the theater and lobby are not in use. The remaining work provides repairs and retrofits for HVAC equipment. This equipment is beyond its useful life and in need of repair and replacement. The additional systems that will be corrected under this work include: VFD installations on existing AHUs, photo lab exhaust and air conditioning corrections/improvements, reconfigure duct work and air distribution to serve remodeled spaces, installation of new AHUs that serve the sculpture lab to increase system capacity and correct laboratory recirculated air. Total cost of construction for Phase II is $923,000.

The total construction cost for the entire renovation came in under the projected $1.5 million budget. Phase II work projected to be complete by the summer of 2012.

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