Gulf Coast State College
Panama City, Florida

Additional Details

Project Size 80,000 SF
Project Cost $32,000,000
MEP Cost $8,500,000
Delivery Method CM
Completion 2012

GCSC Advanced Technology Center

The 80,000 Gulf Coast State College Advanced Technology Center is the first for this college. The facility supports the training and education of renewable energy, alternative energy and sustainable design. The ATC facility has been designed with long term sustainability in mind and with an emphasis on energy efficiency. From the roofs harvesting solar energy and rainwater harvesting system to the glazed curtain walls providing views and natural daylighting, each building material and element has a function in serving the building’s high performance goals. The building serves as an example and a catalyst for future green building at this campus.

The ATC is situated on the former intramural field and serves as the new entrance to the college. The facility is a three story facility. The project includes an extensive lighting control system used to control public spaces, private offices and multi-media equipment.

Moses Engineering served as the 3rd party commissioning agent on this project. Moses Engineering provided overall direction of the commissioning process during the design, construction, and post construction phase. A final report was developed to document the Cx process and results. A systems manual was developed to assist the facility management staff with regard to maintenance and re-testing efforts.

Moses Engineering commissioned the following systems:

  • HVAC systems (including all supply, exhaust, chilled water, heating, and control elements)
  • Electrical power systems (emergency and normal power),
  • Lighting and Lighting Controls
  • Building Envelope
  • Energy Recovery Systems Grey water “Living Machine” system
  • Post occupancy inspection services

Moses Engineering is also providing the Measurement and Verification plan in accordance with EA Credit 5 and coordinated the Thermal Comfort Verification in accordance with EA Credit 7.2

LEED Project: Certification Target Gold

LEED 2016 PLATINUM    FB f Logo blue 57   AHCA Florida

FCGB Certified Commision BICSI