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University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida
Project Cost RP1: $975,000 RP2: $433,000 RP3: $454,000 RP4: $986,000 Total: $2,848,000
Completion RP1: December 2009 RP2: December 2009 RP3: July 2010 RP4: August 2012

UF Medium Voltage Switch Replacement

Moses Engineering was initially hired by the University of Florida to produce a report that prioritized and estimated the construction cost for the replacement of all of the remaining oil filled medium voltage switches on campus. Many of these switches are aging, leaking, and/or have no available replacement parts. The report grouped the switches by priority such that each group of switches would become a UF Physical Plant Division Minor Project (<$1,000,000). Moses Engineering was subsequently selected for the design and construction administration of the first four projects (RP #1, #2, #3 & #4).

Moses Engineering design phase services included field verification of existing conditions including manhole dimensions, cable sizes, cable types, cable racking condition. Also included was the location of existing underground utilities to minimize changes during construction.

The oil-filled switches were replaced with new SF6 filled switches with electronically controlled vacuum fault interrupters. While some new switches are located above ground, most are located in custom designed traffic-rated vaults to maintain a “clean” exterior aesthetic to the campus.

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