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University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida

Additional Details

Project Size 38,900 SF
Project Cost $2,000,000
MEP Cost $1,800,000
Delivery Method Construction Manager
Completion 2011

UF Simpson Hall HVAC Renovation

The project involved a replacement of aging fan coil units and baseboard radiation with a new variable refrigerant flow (VRF) DX system. An electrical service upgrade was performed, including medium voltage site work, new switchgear, distribution to student rooms and planning for a future fire pump. An architect consultant was used for ceilings and other finishes, as well as reroofing.

The VRF system consisted of five condensing units serving 143 indoor units, as well as five outdoor air units. This scheme is extremely energy efficient, allowing for simultaneous heating and cooling. Every room received its own thermostat, while minimizing the quantity of outdoor condensing units,

The VRF system's energy efficiency is routinely documented by energy modeling. Typical savings are 10-12% when compared to conventional DX systems. And these savings come with many more zones of control than would be feasible with conventional DX systems.

Another key issue was the level of documentation required by Housing. An extensive field survey and documentation of existing conditions was required. Moreover, exact routing of all refrigerant and condensate piping was detailed due to the limited floor-floor space available. These efforts greatly reduced construction time and change orders

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