Owner: University of Central Florida
Project Size: 36,600 SF
Project Cost: $8,900,000
MEP Cost: $3,700,000
Completion: 2010
Delivery Method: Disgn Build

This two-story building provides for the UCF Police Department, including Dispatch, 911 Call Center and Emergency Operations Center. The facility includes holding cells, evidence processing, full locker and shower, fitness center, secure record storage, canine housing, and garage

The projects had an extremely tight budget which led to tilt wall construction and fast track completion, but certain requirements were essential. Benchmarking trips to peer facilities revealed that both had retrofit emergency power for the entire building after the initial design at considerable cost. This large, non-programmed cost became Moses & Associates’ (M&A) design challenge. The building is located on the campus fringe, with no campus chilled water available. The requirement for air cooled chillers exacerbated the generator cost problem. M&A developed two HVAC designs for pricing: electric heat (Standard for UCF), and heating hot water. Given the impact of the electric heat on generator size, the counter-intuitive lowest first cost solution was heating hot water. This was also confirmed to have the lowest life cycle cost.

M&A designed all MEPF systems, including training room AV systems and all IT. The IT design was robust with separate systems for the building, Dispatch, and 911.

LEED Project Certified Gold