Owner: University of Florida
Project Size: 10,500 SF
Project Cost: $600,000
MEP Cost: $500,000
Completion: September 2012
Delivery Method: Hard bid

General Project Description

Weil Chiller Plant at the University of Florida was the first of ten central plants built on campus and has a current cooling capacity of 6,500 tons. The plant is configured in a decoupled primary-secondary piping arrangement, and has four water-cooled centrifugal chillers ranging from 1,400 to 1,700 tons of cooling capacity.

Moses & Associates (M&A) was contracted to document and analyze the existing conditions and operation of the central chiller plant. Plant improvement and optimization projects were compared, designed and implemented based on maintenance requirements, budget constraints and energy savings. The plant’s controls system was modified and upgraded to provide accurate energy metering and to enable full automatic operation. Finally, the owner received a full System Manual which included operation and maintenance documentation and as-built drawings of the plant.

The project had few challenges due to the close involvement of owner and maintenance personnel throughout the design and construction process.