Energy Plant Production Services

Energy Plant design services are delivered with our most experienced staff. Moses Engineering is fully versed in all aspects of chilled water, steam, hot water, and electrical production and distribution. New central energy plants and existing plants are typically the largest consumers of energy within a building or campus. Our staff of expert's work with our clients to create the most efficient energy plant possible whether it is a new plant being built from the ground up or an existing plant in need of upgrades and/or enhancements.

Our Focus

The engineering teams at Moses Engineering have a long track record of solving design problems in both new and existing central energy plant facilities. Our services are directed primarily to large institutional clients and other clients who value sustainable and energy-efficient design and quality construction practices that result in the lowest Life Cycle Cost possible. We routinely perform life cycle cost analyses that weigh first cost verses operating cost, allowing us to present a range of solutions for each project. Our engineers understand the needs of our clients to meet the fiscal and operational goals of their respective organizations. Moses Engineering has developed custom software tools to help us quickly assess and evaluate existing system efficiency, develop sound and proven enhancements and then prioritize the possible solutions. Our Mechanical and Electrical engineering experience and focus includes the following:

    • Air Cooled Chiller Systems

    • Steam Boiler Systems

    • Chilled Water Distribution

    • Electrical Substation Design

    • Electrical Generator Systems

  • Cooling Tower Systems
    • Water Cooled Chiller Systems

    • Hot Water Boiler Systems

    • Compressed Air Systems

    • Thermal Storage Systems

  • Photovoltaic Systems

Moses Engineering can provide assistance with the analysis and solutions needed to correct the common low Delta T problems common in large chilled water distribution systems. In addition, we have helped our clients create new energy efficient control strategies for central utility water plants that improve staging sequences and improve distribution efficiency. This coupled with our knowledge of infrastructure distribution allow us to provide the solutions needed for any size system.

Major infrastructure projects, by their very nature, involve significant investment. They require solutions that are cost-effective, efficient, sustainable and delivered in a way that minimizes risks and maximizes results. Moses Engineering pushes the boundaries of thinking in design to create increasingly innovative project solutions and client outcomes.