Sustainable Design Services

Moses Engineering) has been in the business of integrating energy savings features in our designs long before "green" building became popular. Moses Engineering performed hundreds of energy audits and have participated in the federally funded Technical Assistance Program throughout the 1980's. This background of assisting institutional clients to qualify for millions of dollars in federal funding for energy saving projects has helped shape the design philosophy of our firm. Not only are basic energy savings features, such as heat pipes, variable frequency drives, hot gas reheat, high efficiency equipment, energy saving lamps, energy saving sequences etc., included in our designs, but the sizing criteria Moses Engineering uses for piping and ductwork considers the reduction of pump and fan energy use to be critical for every project. This awareness of the importance of energy savings, which are realized throughout the life of the building, has led us to examine advancements in technology as potential features to be included in our designs. Over the years, these have included the advent and increased availability of heat pipes, the improvement in heat wheel technology and the development of the magnetic bearing compressor.

This background of "energy awareness" made our firm well-suited to move in to the LEED® arena and recognize the importance of sustainable design with regard to natural resources. We have participated in over 75 LEED® projects. In fact, we were a part of the team that delivered the first LEED® project on the campus of several state universities. Our projects routinely qualify for fifteen or more energy savings points (maximum of 19 points in EAc1 LEED® v3.0). Moses Engineering engineers have also been the LEED® Administrator on numerous projects and are familiar with the LEED® prerequisites and credits, as well as the implications each aspect has on the design, cost and construction of the project.

Our Focus

Value We Provide:

  • Long term success in identifying problems and solutions
  • Create a building environment with improved energy efficiency, occupant safety, reliability, and comfort
  • Design experience to bring recommendations into the project implementation phase
  • Maintain budget integrity by avoiding unnecessary capital design and construction costs. Because of our extensive design experience, systems knowledge, and commissioning experience
  • Moses Engineering can provide a turn-key solution to satisfy any client's sustainability goals