Utility Infrastructure Services

Utility Infrastructure design services at Moses Engineering are delivered with our most experienced staff. Moses Engineering is fully versed in all aspects of chilled water, steam/condensate and heating hot water piping systems, electrical substations and distribution cabling systems. Our staff of experts work with our clients to provide a design solution that best fit your needs. In addition to system design, our services include:

    • Comprehensive Distribution Piping
      Hydraulic Analysis

  • Electrical Analysis
    • Distribution Condition Assessment including
      Physical Inspection & Analysis

  • Master Planning


Our Focus

Not only do we give our clients distribution solutions that are the right size to fit their current and future needs, but we have experience with the latest materials and installation techniques including:

  • HDPE Carrier Piping (fusion) systems for chilled water
  • Steel Carrier Piping Systems using:
    • PVC conduit
    • HDPE conduit
    • Steel conduit and epoxy coatings
    • Field insulation (pit wrap) processes
    • Pour in place trench insulation
  • Copper Carrier Piping (limited applicants)
  • Excavation (Trench) Installations
  • Service Tunnels
  • Jack and Bore Installations
  • Distribution Manhole Design

This knowledge yields a design that:

  • Minimizes construction costs
  • Makes installations possible in the most difficult locations and conditions
  • Minimizes utility outages
  • Provides realistic schedules and project phasing that meet your requirements

If you need design services for:

    • Medium Voltage Distribution

    • Chilled Water Distribution

  • Heating Hot Water Distribution
    • Steam & Condensate Return Systems

  • Electrical Substations

Look to Moses Engineering for your answers.