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University of Florida Facilities Planning & Construction
Gainesville, Florida

Additional Details

Project Size 108,000 SF
Project Cost $40,000,000
MEP Cost $26,000,000
Delivery Method CM
Completion March 2010

UF Pathogens Research Facility

This facility integrates shared research environments to support disciplines that have not traditionally collaborated on newly emerging pathogens. The project facility is a 108,000 SF multi-disciplinary research building, built under a fast-track construction schedule. The goal of the multi-disciplinary research environment is to create an adaptive and enduring collaborative network of disciplines that various College of Medicine, CLAS, Veterinary Medicine, and IFAS programs will jointly use a common facility to pursue research initiatives that will focus, not only on human diseases, but plant and animal pathogens that could directly or indirectly impact human health as well. The building consists of BSL2, BSL3 research labs, offices and support services. Program components will also include environmental and human toxicology, and plant science research housed in a BSL3 greenhouse environment.

Moses Engineering served as the 3rd party commissioning agent on this project. Moses Engineering provided overall direction of the commissioning process during the design, construction, and post construction phase.

A final report was developed to document the Cx process and results. A systems manual was developed to assist the facility management staff with regard to maintenance and re-testing efforts.

Moses Engineering commissioned the following systems:

  • HVAC systems (including all supply, exhaust, chilled water, steam and control elements)
  • Laboratory Pressure/Temperature Control, and containment systems (BSL2 & BSL3 areas)
  • Electrical power systems (emergency and normal power), Lighting and Lighting Controls
  • Building Envelope
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Facility Endurance Testing
  • Post occupancy inspection services

LEED Certified: Gold

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FCGB Certified Commision BICSI