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Department of Health
Jacksonville, Florida
Project Cost $350,000
Completion March 2012

DOH Utility Plant Upgrades

The project scope was to provide mechanical/electrical design services that included:

  • Demolition of one 400 ton (Chiller #1)) and replacing them with a new 400 ton machine piped in parallel with two additional 400 ton chillers.
  • New primary pumps with associated electrical upgrades
  • Cooling tower upgrades with upgrades to existing condenser water pumps and controls.
  • Electrical upgrades as needed to support the mechanical upgrades.
  • New controls package with upgraded sequences to improve efficiency and reliability of chilled water system and heating hot water boiler system. Included integration with campus Building Management System
  • A new Measurement and Verification package that ensured future verification of performance of the chillers and the overall chilled water plant. Included M&V elements for existing how water boiler system
  • Upgrades to secondary pumping system including new differential pressure sensors located throughout the site and upgraded control sequences to minimize energy consumption.
  • Standard construction administration services, commissioning services and submittal reviews

Key Issues:

Moses Engineering worked with the different chiller manufacturers to ensure the new chillers would fit into the existing structure.

The project included comprehensive performance verification criteria that was integrated into the bid documents. The bids included not only first cost but also full and part load efficiency requirements. The chiller manufacturer exhibiting the best low cost and satisfying the performance requirements at part load and full load were selected (York in this case).

Project included two bid packages which included work for the new chiller and a new total controls package that included new instrumentation, new sequences and updated operator graphics.

Additional cooling tower valve sequencing was developed to correct some long standing tower overflow issues. Fixes were designed and the verified through commissioning.

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