Bringing Creativity, Flexibility and Ingenuity into every project.
In business for more than 35 years.
With over 5,000 completed projects, each one is unique and important.
Principal involvement with every project.

Welcome to Moses Engineering.

Intelligent Building Systems Engineering

Since 1980, our team of talented mechanical and electrical engineers located in Gainesville, Florida has acquired an outstanding reputation for innovative approaches in new and existing building systems design and assessment. Our approach to projects is based on a proven strategy of Understanding, Confirmation, Execution and Follow-up.  Clients come back to Moses Engineering because we help them solve problems. The more problems we can help them solve, the better. Staying focused on your client’s objectives and goals is the best thing we can do to maintain and build the trust between consultant and client. Showing that focus and then delivering what we say when promised, allows us to build on our credibility and enhance our relationships.

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