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Forensic Engineering Analysis

When Moses Engineering was founded in 1980 to perform energy audits as required by the US Department of Energy, we quickly found that many facilities suffered from systemic issues. Worse, we found that there was no record documentation for the facility to help diagnose the problem. We can come onsite and investigate a myriad of issues for your building. From assessing your piping system integrity, to determining cascading pressurisation problems, to identifying specific causes for sick building syndrome, Moses can assess your building systems.


Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) & System Analysis

Considering a DX system versus chilled water for your project? Unsure whether to set project design goals and allocate construction capital for a 15, 25, or 50 year life cycle? We are experienced at navigating LCCA-driven design processes such as the State of Florida’s FLCCA required of all State agencies. We will work beside you to explore design options that meet your project requirements, budget, and schedule constraints. We routinely use these analyses working with both public and private clients to illustrate the cost benefit of using different systems or approaches to ensure that each project yields the best value for you.


Master Planning

Do you have a roadmap of milestones for campus development but are looking to plan out how to achieve those? We can assist in determining the needs of your development milestones, plan out building usage, and even write programmatic narratives. Our clients frequently pair these services with LCCA’s and our cost estimating services to create a comprehensive document that provides a master plan narrative, functional space requirements, fiscal year budget requests, and energy usage estimates to help them plan better for the future.

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Moses Engineering offers numerous Biocontainment consulting and recertification services for BSL-2, BSL-3 and ABSL-3 facility types. An effective method to maintain a facility’s compliance is to perform laboratory re-certifications. During the process, we completely test the infrastructure and engineering controls in order to confirm that the laboratory remains in compliance with CSC/NIH/USDA/WHO guidelines and regulations. Containment lab recertification upholds quality assurance at your facility and sustains a safe environment. We have adopted the new ANS//ASSE Z9.14 Standard which establishes the new standard for performance verification of BSL-3/ABSL-3 facilities. We have been designing, commissioning and re-certifying BSL-2, BSL-3 and ABSL-3 facilities for more than 10 years. Our experience allows us to recognize multifaceted problems and launch cost-effective solutions. We completely understand the unique requirements associated with these types of facilities and are able to propose the correct solutions to discovered problems. Rest assured, whether the solution is simple or complex, if we suggest it, we can do it.


Energy Audits

Do you have one or more buildings that seem like energy drains? We typically conduct energy audits for our clients as part of a larger planning effort to help prioritise projects for funding. Moses Engineering originally started in 1980 as an Engineering Services Group providing energy audits for clients as required by the US Department of Energy. This service remains a core service we provide to clients to help them maintain their facilities sustainably.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Modern state of the art laboratories, cleanrooms, and operating rooms often have design requirements that outpace the design guidance present in the pertinent building Code. Moses offers machine design services such as CFD airflow analysis to bridge the gap between the regulatory requirements and the ethical requirements to create better, safer environments. On a recent project, we designed an air system using CFD analysis that, once built, achieved within < 1% of the predicted air flow accuracy.


Arc Flash Analysis

As part of our prime design services in the utility infrastructure world, we have created our own internal group that focuses extensively on arc flash analysis. We integrate the personal protection and floor plan layout considerations into every utility infrastructure project we do. Unlike other firms that hire this out to arc flash consultants, we integrate this directly into our design processes to create a safer, better project. We offer this as a breakout service for clients seeking to improve the safety of their existing electrical systems and meet both OSHA safety guidelines and the requirements set forth in the National Electric Safety Code.

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